Saturday, May 20, 2006

Weekly Tarot 05/20- 05/26: The Moon

The Moon
Universal Waite Tarot

Ah the moon...the inconstant moon...what does she have to tell us? Interestingly, in the Tarot, the Moon is usually an indicator of something not quite nice going on in the shadows. It's a very emotional card and often read as someone keeping secrets or deceiving oursleves.

I see it more as a card of intuition, calling us to look inside and find the answer. Time to allow a situitation to fully play out as it should. You can safely stand in the shadows and be an observer, there is no reason to force action. Things may not be exactly as they first seem and your first reaction may not be the correct one. Trust your instincts when this card is present. You may find your answer in dreams this week. Remeber that every one involved in an event has their own perspective and goals.

If there is life changing event or decision facing you, don't act on it this week if you can avoid it. All the facts aren't in the open yet. In your heart you feel it, but your head may be pushing you to action. Resist that urge. Take some time to do some personal journaling about what is at hand. You'll find your own path in your own time.

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