Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Absolute Write & Freedom of Speech?

I'm a relatively new member at the Absolute Write forums . After searching for a good solid writing resource, I discovered the intelligent, sharing writers at AW. One of the hallmarks of AW is its commitment to helping new writers avoid fraud - an invaluable service, and one that’s working. It's already saved me hundreds of dollars by helping me make wiser choices in workshops and training.

The forums disappeared last night, and I’m assured they will be back soon. In the meantime, check out what Teresa at Making Light has to say about it.

It’s all about how an agent, Barbara Bauer, got upset about being listed #3 on the 20 Worst Agents List at Writer Beware. Barbara Bauer called the hosting company for AW, and scared them, so the hosting company panicked.

Be supportive, bloggers, and check out Dawno’s call.

Until the forums are back up, we’re gathering here:

More blogs getting the word out:


Kira said...

Thanks for spreading the word! Good karma!

Matt D. said...

Thanks Wendy!

Mac said...

Thanks so very much, Wendy. Keep the faith! We'll be back up and bad as ever in no time.