Thursday, May 25, 2006

Princess of Power

This little girl is about to turn 29 this year. She was 9 in this picture and it was the era of She-ra, Princess of Power! She- ra dominated our living room for a long time...she lived in a huge pink castle and had several equally powerful girlfriends that lived with her and they all had tons of stuff! If my own Princess of Power was not playing with the castle, she was running around being She-ra or watching the cartoon on tv.

I think we're all Princess' of Power at 9 years old. It's an exciting time of confidence and vision for a young girl. It's one of the most magical years in childhood; if you look closely at a 9 year old, you can see glimpses of the adult they will become. This princess was already writing poems and little books. Dreaming up complex stories of other lives. Reading everything she could get her hands on. Loving her pets almost more than herself. Helpful, loving and fiercely independent at the same time. Completely outraged by anything she judged unfair. Totally empowered to be herself.

The real trick in life, is to keep that Princess of Power alive. She has.


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Kira said...

Aww, no fair Mom. You made me blush.