Saturday, May 06, 2006

Weekly Tarot 05/06 - 05/12: 9 of Swords

9 of Swords
Merry Day Tarot

My, doesn't she look unhappy. Well, maybe not totally unhappy, but contemplative for sure. Things haven't turned out exactly as she had planned and now she thinks she know what the outcome will really be. Is she preparing for the real outcome, or is she living in her head too much and superimposing her fears on the situtation?

Whatever the reality may be, there is a definite sense of vulnerability and loss with this card. I also sense responsibility and burden as a part of the message. Notice the tear running down her cheek? Maybe she is remembering situations that could have turned out differently had she only made other choices. Living in the past so she doesn't have to see the present maybe?

The Merry Day tarot, designed by Lousia Poole interprets this card much differently than a traditional style tarot. In this deck, the numerological influence of the number 9 combined with the suite association, swords = air = mental activity, thoughts, communications and truth, is the overwhelming message. The card has even been labeled Clairvoyance.

More traditionally designed tarot decks often show this card with a woman sitting up in bed, holding her head in her hands with the 9 swords pointing at her. Classic thoughts on this card include nightmares, insomnia, migraine headaches and deep depression. Definitely a different focus than the Merry Day one, but today we are working with Merry Day, so here goes!

What does this all mean for this coming week? Evaluate situations that come up this week not only with your logical mind but with your intuitive mind as well. Making decisions based only on one thought pattern may not be in your best interest. It may at times feel like an overwhelming burden to just carry on, but but try not to allow yourself to become too bogged down in that. You are nearing the end of a cycle and will soon see it's resolution and have new choices to make.

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