Monday, May 01, 2006

Birds at my feeder

It's been a busy week at the bird feeder. This little guy is a Painted Bunting. I haven't been able to get my own photo, so I've borrowed this one from Cornell. They have a great birding site. The bunting has been at the feeder now several times for the last three days. He's a lone feeder and won't tolerate other birds landing while he's eating.

There's been another dove species that's found us this week too, the White Winged Dove. It's larger than the Mourning Dove and smaller than the Eurasian Ring Neck Dove, which I still can't get a picture of! I am on a mission for the Bunting and the Dove photos. Swallows have also moved in next door, the third year they have nested in the neighbors carport. They are interesting to watch as they swoop through the sky. We also have ScissoredTail Flycatchers who have come back into the area for the summer. I'm hoping to catch one of them too with my camera one of these days, they are so unique.

Bird watching....I must be getting old.


Someplace in the middle said...

I think you'll enjoy this blog:

jason evans said...

A Painting Bunting! Very cool. I've only seen one once or twice.

Once a couple years back, I stumbled into a whole flock of Scarlet Tanagers in a forest. That was a treat!