Thursday, May 18, 2006

George Goes Big Time

Meet George. At almost 13, he's our second oldest cat kid. He was roaming around a Georgia Pacific paper mill and adopted my husband. George was just a tiny little guy when we got him. He's pretty sick now, hopefully it's just something that we can manage and he'll hang in there for several more years. It's really too soon to tell.

Last week the vet's assistant took this great shot of George and sent me a copy. Of course, I had to play with it! It was alot of fun and now I may just have to make covers of all the other cat kids. There are 7, in all... just like the dwarves... Secret, George, Frannie, Shadow, Gizmo, Luna and Molly. Not a one of them was chosen by us, they all came into our lives and refused to leave. I think our home has always had a glaring neon sign that only cats can see that says...PUSHOVERS .... in bright pink!

Secret and Frannie should have gone to live with daughter when she moved out, Secret was hers and Frannie came with an ex boyfriend. Molly came with the house we live in now. Shadow was about to be sent to the pound by a co-worker, Gizmo limped or crawled out of a garbage can in the middle of the night,scaring my son-in-law; Giz had been very abused, and Luna, who is the baby, followed daughter home from a walk and was only suppose to be in my house for a week or so. She was also in bad heath, and I'm a good cat nurse. Three years later, she's still here!

Once upon a time, my husband and I thought we'd join the ranks of empty nesters and get in an RV and see the world. Empty nesters? Hah!

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Kira said...

No, Frannie was dumped in the front yard by some mean person. She hung out and stayed in the foyer, remember?