Saturday, June 24, 2006

Weekly Tarot - 06/24 - 06/30 - King of Cups

King of Cups
Sharman- Casselli Tarot

This weeks influencing card is the King of Cups. This King represents an opportunity to successfully take a risk on something that resonates emotionally or spiritually within you. He represents an awareness of an wise advisor who will serve as your guide if only you ask. He won't volunteer, but he is always there, waiting to be asked.

This King could be a person in your life whom you trust for advice. He's experienced in the world and is your rock. Always showing you the way by example, not lecture, in quiet assuredness. He may be an older male figure, a spiritual leader or an educator. He is deeply concerned with humanity and feels all the sorrows as well as the joys, but he keeps his distance and that allows him to make wiser judgments. He's a romantic, restless, an idealist and often, a dreamer visionary.

Within yourself you also have this king as an inner advisor, waiting patiently for you to call on him. He watches and waits, often giving you a small hint of his presence in unexpected insights or inspirations. Remember one of those genius thoughts you had and then let slip away? Try remembering next time and let this wise King begin to speak. Your inner self has connetions to all the wisdom of the universe and wants nothing more than to help you be enormously successful in your spiritual and emotional lives.

Give yourself permission this week to spend a few moments quietly allowing that wisdom to come to your consciousness. Consult with a trusted ally on the questions in your life. Look to your dreams to give you ideas about how to solve a dilemma or enhance an already positive situtiation. This King can guide or teach you by example, not words, how to become more compassionate, patient, and calm to fully commit emotionally to your goals or ideals. It's time to move forward with something you have been mulling over for a long time. No dream ever became reality without mature commitment and passion, all gifts this King brings.

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