Thursday, June 22, 2006


This post is a part of the Absolute Write Blog Chain, Round 2. I am following Peregrinas, which is always an interesting read. In fact, all the blogs in the chain are . I hope you'll spend a lazy afternoon wandering through the chain.

Anyway, from the blog ahead of me I was intrigued with the idea of names. Probably because I have an unusual given name, Wendelynn. Until the past years of the Internet explosion, I had never come across another Wendelynn. Even in the early days of the Net, I was pretty alone. Today if you Google the name, you get 618 entries, many of them are me but there are really lots of Wendelynn's in the universe.

My version of Wendelynn came about because I am a first child and my father is Wendell. The story goes that there was a weather girl that one of my parents especially enjoyed on TV and her name was Lynn. So I am named for an unknown TV weather broadcaster in Lincoln,NE and my dad. That's a funny combination. Oh, by the way, it's pronounced Wen-Duh- Lynn, not Wendy- Lynn and no one in my family ever called me by it. My dad was always called Wendy and I became Wendy Jo, finally an acknowledgement of my mother's contribution to my full name!

One day I came across this great numerology site with thousands of names in their database, but no Wendelynn. I sent them an email and they calculated my name. The opening sentence of the report on my full given name was "This is a name that should never be given to anyone?"

I usually go by Wendy, always feeling that Wendelynn was too intimidating. Just this last year or so, as I turned 50, have I become comfortable with it as a name. Wendy is an interesting one too, most people thinking that J.M.Barrie made it up for Peter Pan. Not so, says another Wendy.

You'd think that having grown up with an unusual name would have led me to naming my own child something unremarkable like Ann, Jane or Cathy. Unfortunately, the unusual name thing must have a magnetic pull on me. My first choice for my daughter's name was Cyan, after the color. My husband lived in fear that I actually was going to insist on that! We actually named our daughter Kira, after an unforgettable heroine in Ayn Rand's We The Living.

She has carried on the naming quirk too, having named one of her furry catkids, Turtle!

How do you feel about your name? Does it suit your personality? Have you ever seriously wanted a different name but still use your given name? Do you know how your own name was chosen?

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Kappa no He said...

It's a very beautiful name, amazing there aren't more of them, And, hey, I went to high school in Omaha!

briliantdonkey said...

"I hope you'll spend a lazy afternoon wandering through the chain."

Wow, it is like you were talking directly to me since that is exZAchary what i am doing at the moment! Nice post. I am pretty sure everyone has considered what it would be like to have a different name at some point or another. I myself have a rather plain name 'robert' with which i have no qualms about. It has slowly evolved into Rob the older i get though. My middle name on the other hand i am not crazy about at all. Love the back story on your name. I am just glad your parents didnt watch Stuart scott(I think that is his name) or Al Roker as a weather man or you would have been WendyStu or StuJo or Wendal,
Nice post and blog btw, thanks for the read.


Dawno said...

A lovely contribution to the chain! My name was unusual for its time and I have no middle name, so I can relate!

I've finally updated my blogroll and added you - I'm glad you are a part of the AW Blogger community!

Laurie said...

Laurie is the male version of the name, yep I, a female, suit it very much.

As for the rest of my name... Well, I actually did change my name, legally and all. I spent a half year or so picking out middle and last names, then sat on them for another four years to make sure I wasn't going to change my mind. I didn't, so went through the process.

I hated the name I had. Changing it was so liberating. :)

And thanks for the compliment on my blog.

Mad Scientist Matt said...

I've sometimes considered going by my middle name, but not changing my name. And in the end, I decided against using my middle name anyway.