Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Scrapping The Past

I've been working on a themed digital
scrapbook project at the Digital Scrapbook Place. It's a multiweek project utilizing primarily one set of design kits to create an album. The colors are soft pinks and greens, they just screamed wedding to me!

This is my grandparents wedding picture. Their names are Clara Tollman and Archie Anderson, Married in 1932.

I tinted the photo to blend with the overall scheme and recolored a couple of other elements for the look I wanted. Full credits are on the gallery page at DSP if you see something you just have to have for yourself!

The wedding photo is the second page in the series for me, but when I assemble the album it will probably end up to be page 3 or 4.

Here's a page that will come after the wedding one. This is a picture of Clara & Archie's first daughter, my mother at age 2, I think! This one has the state of Nebraska incorporated and the little pearl indicates where they were living in 1936. I wish the focus was closer to her face, but I'm guessing it was a very basic camera and people always stand too far away when they take pictures, even today.

I'm enjoying the challenge of using the same elements repeatedly to create something new each week. If I can find a wedding photo of my mom & dad, I'll do a page for them in this series. My own wedding anniversary is this week, I think I'll do a page for myself too.

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Kira said...

Neat. The theme, different ways to use the same things, is interesting.