Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Exciting news today! I was accepted into the allinfoabout network to develop a tarot site. I'll bask in the glow today for a few hours and then the hard work begins. I've been enraptured by tarot for 30 years, student, reader, teacher and now I can write about it and share my passion with even more people.

My card of the day today is the 2 of Cups from the Universal Waite tarot. This is the true card of the Lovers. So many people confuse the major arcana Lovers with the true intent of this card. The major arcana Lovers is about choices. The 2 of Cups is about commitment, renewed relationships, understanding the underlying causes of events and a decision to be cooperative. It's not about the wild hormone rush of a teen age romance in your life. 2 of Cups is acknowleding the long term passions that keep the creative and romantic fires going in your life.

This card is also about trust and compassion between friends and within yourself. It's a good card for starting a new creative professional realtionship.


Joanna said...

Hi Wendy, congratulations on your acceptance! I have a query about your comments the two of cups if I may. Which card or cards do you think does represent "the wild hormone rush of a teen age romance in your life"? Although I don't necessarily agree with the 'teen age' depiction of the feelings as I'm sure other age groups feel the same mix of emotions. Also, the boy in this card seems to be the one in motion while the girl is standing still. Do you think that this could indicate that one of the partners is more interested or is the one acting on the impulse to unite?

Wendy said...

Hi Joanna,
I absolutely agree that new lovers of all ages experience the intense emotions of excitement, lust and love all combined. My thinking is that in those first passionate years, there is an added sense of naivete or invincibliity that does seem to leave us as we mature. The cards that best express this for me, in combination, would be Devil with Ace of Cups or The Fool. A single card for this feeling would be the Knight of Cups for me.

Jenna Glatzer said...

Congrats, Wendy! :)