Friday, April 28, 2006

3 of Cups Manifested

Last Saturday when I drew the 3 of Cups for the week, there were several irons in the fire and I was happy with the draw, expecting them to turn out well. There were 3 things in particular that I had in mind. One was a change of job situtation for me. It was in the bag. I was all excited. Then at the last minute, something changed and I chose to decline the offer. Bummed out most of the week. Then the second thing didn't come through. Two strikes on the tarot playing field.

But, as the week ends, some really good things have happened this week. An greatly anticipated event in my daughter's life is about to become reality. I don't know who's more excited me or her! A fantastic out of the blue event occurred when one of my two sisters discovered a previously unknown photo album of our ancestors, tracked it down and now has learned that she will be able to acquire the album. In a beautiful twist of fate, the whole adventure of the album actually began almost 5 years ago when my other sister ( sister 2 ) posted on a genealogy board. Her question was just a nonevent in cyberspace until somehow Sister 1 came across it this week. The album had already been sold and we were thrilled to just have scans of the photos. More than just the photos, this event has given us a chance to rekindle our friendships.

Oh, and tonight just at twilight, I saw the most beautiful bird at my feeder. A Painted Bunting! Hope he comes back for a photo op! So, this really has been a great 3 of Cups week.

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