Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Nine of Pentacles; It's a Good Life

As my personal card for 2014, I drew the Nine of Pentacles.  Although this card's theme speaks to my personal journey in 2014, like all things tarot it's influences are interwoven with the  yearly cards, I've  Wheel of Fortune and the Four of Pentacles that I've previously discussed.

The first things I notice are the home and car on the card. They're very similar to the home and car of the Four of Pentacles. They symbolize security to me. Safety. They also represent the rewards of hard work. For some, homes and cars are status. Overall, this is a scene of refinement and contentment, as though we've caught the lady at a moment of self reflection. There are many symbols of "the good life" in this card; fresh fruits, wine in a delicate goblet, the golden ring and bracelet, a diamond necklace and head band. Her hands are well manicured and she's holding a key in her right hand. Is this the key to success? The key to her home? The key to her future? Or possibly, the key to a door that she's locked to her past?

Notice the look in her eyes. She's not looking out into the lovely garden. It's almost as though she's not able to see the beauty of her surroundings and relax into the life she's created.  Or perhaps these things are are still just beyond her grasp and we've caught her in a moment of  realizing that they are within her reach if only she stays with the course of action and hard work that has brought her to this point.

This isn't the most traditional understanding of this card, but I see it as a distinct possibility; notice how she is sitting at a window with the beautiful view behind her. She's achieved a great many of her goals, we can tell that by her sense of self confidence and her presence.  Yet, there is also a sense of mystery and incompleteness here. While she's not directly looking over her shoulder, there is definitely something just outside our view that has attracted her attention. Her gaze is alert and almost wary, as though she's spied some potential danger in the distance and must not allow herself to become too complacent.

Combine this card with the Wheel of Fortune and the Four of Pentacles and wow...this could be a spectacular year. It could be filled with rewarding and challenging work. It's a year of huge transition that demands a great deal of self direction, attention and willingness to step up and out with confidence. But, as the Wheel turns, elements change and it's important to stay ahead of the wheel in order to achieve the success depicted in the Nine of Pentacles.

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Hello Wendy,
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