Monday, February 24, 2014

Tarot for the New Year 2014

On New Years Day I always draw a few tarot cards for an overview of the year's themes. More often than not by the end of the year I can see themes that directly correlate to the New Year's cards.
This year despite still being in a bit of a post surgical fog, I drew my cards and took a quick photo to record them. I knew these were powerful cards for me deserving of my full consideration. The first card, Nine of Pentacles, is my personal card for 2014. The Wheel of Fortune and the Four of Pentacles are the themes for 2014.  I can't remember ever having all three of these cards in combo before. Considering how 2013 ended, in a nutshell, this should be my best year in a long time! 

Let's start with the Wheel of Fortune. Its standing as a Major Arcana card is significant. There are powerful energetic forces at play and this is a card that reminds us to remember that life is constantly in flux. The wheel keeps turning..thankfully! It reminds us of the cycles in life and even though life may be challenging, it will pass and the next cycle could be full of rewarding, positive energy. I often think of this card as the "karma card".   Things happen. We're not always in control of all aspects in our life.  But that doesn't mean that we must allow external influences to create our lifetime experience. 

When the Wheel of Fortune appears, it is important to recognize the external influences but also that we can still create the outcome you desire. How? By taking advantage of the most basic function of a wheel... movement. The energy of the Wheel can be used to help us move past the obstacles in our way. This can be an important time in your life where major changes are either already in play or you may be on the cusp of a major choice point. The Wheel tell us that staying centered and balanced will allow us to direct the movement of the successful energy associated with the Wheel.  Key words you might to use for the Wheel of Fortune are: success, new ventures, growth, movement, flexibility, luck.

 The second card for 2014 I drew as a clarifying card for the Wheel of Fortune. Immediately recognizing the potential in the Wheel, I wanted to know how to make the most of the opportunities it represents. My card is the Four of Pentacles. Traditionally, this card is in direct opposition to the Wheel of Fortune. Where the Wheel is a trust your gut and move on card, the Four of Pentacles is usually thought of as somewhat miserly, depicting someone who has achieved status and security and is desperate to keep control. This guy isn't about to give up a thing.  It's a card for someone who doesn't enjoy change and feels threatened by it.  Ha!  Exactly the opposite of the energy storm the Wheel is bringing!

I can't say that I don't see the cosmic irony here given how I've been feeling about my own life changes. 

But I also see something more in the Four of Pentacles. My style of tarot reading is a blend of traditional meanings combined with a very large helping of my own intuitive understand of the card. My card interpretations may also vary for the same card from deck to deck and depending on the person I'm reading for.   My card is from the Cosmic Tarot. Now compare it to the Rider Waite card above. So, here's how I read the Four of Pentacles as a clarifying card to the Wheel of Fortune.

The Four of Pentacles is about being secure in your experience and work. The way to achieve the success promised by the Wheel of Fortune is to rely on the skill set that has brought you success. We see a man who appears to be educated, he uses his mental abilities to get ahead. He seems to be counseling the woman, who interestingly bears a resemblance to the woman on the Nine of Pentacles (my personal card for the year). He surrounded by the material goods that we associate with a good life; house, car, nice clothing, tasteful furnishings, books. His essence is controlled, in charge and stable. I sense communication as an important element of this card. It's represented by the telephone and the direct way he's looking at the woman. Even though she is demurely looking away, he is direct with her. He may also be a little too stuck in his ways. Her perspective on life might encourage new ideas for him, so it would be worth his time to allow her to speak her mind and listen without judgement.

Together, I see these cards for 2014 as very auspicious. This can be a year of great accomplishment and personal satisfaction. It won't be easy, there's the issues of maintaining my center, letting go of the fear of the unknown and trusting in the universe to provide. There is a foundation for growth and expansion. Opportunity comes from knowing myself and my abilities.  Should be an interesting year! 

My personal card, the Nine of Pentacles is a complement to these yearly theme cards. I'll talk about it in a separate post.  Now, I'm curious... are there milestones in life that cause you to turn to tarot?

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