Saturday, February 22, 2014

How Did It Get To Be February Already?

The beginning of 2014 was challenging for me. December had been filled with major life events and I was still reeling from the impact. I unexpectedly lost my job through no doing of my own. I was in my sixth year with this company and I felt secure. Wrong. I’d also made the decision back in November to have weight loss surgery. The weight loss roller coaster is one I’ve been on since I was 9 years old.

I was absolutely sure of this decision but I also knew that it meant significant lifestyle changes. Surgery was scheduled for Dec. 18 right in the midst of all the holiday baking and celebrating…the majority of it centered around food.  I’ve never chosen the easy way to do anything. So why start now, right?

So December was filled with anxiety from positive and negative sources. Stressful. But I made it through the rigorous pre-op phase fairly easily and so when surgery day arrived, I knew I would and could become a success story.   I’d previously decided to sideline the lack of employment until I was fully recovered and that was a good decision. I just didn’t realize exactly how stressed out I was, how long it would take my head to clear and how easily I would fall into the funk of zombie like days.

But I don’t want to continue like an extra in The Walking Dead. A writer who isn’t writing is a pretty pathetic creature and not someone I’m happy with being.  So it’s time to think. It's time to write.

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