Saturday, July 12, 2008

True Antiques

There's something about this photo I love. I think it's the best one she's ever taken. There's history here to be absorbed as well as just the simple elegance of this image. The roses are Aloha, my grandfather Russell's favorite. He shared her passion for gardening. It must have been a relief for her to find something in common with her always gruff father in-law.

The vase is a true family heirloom. It's a simple tin syrup pitcher that belonged to her grandmother, Maggie Anderson. I love the soft glowing patina in this shot. I wonder how many breakfasts it was a part of and how did she come by it. Was it a wedding gift, or something bought from necessity. To me, a syrup pitcher doesn't seem like a necessity on a hard scrabble farm, but no one seems to know it's history.

I found the pitcher as I was cleaning out the house of many treasures, and it's in good condition. One of the nicer discoveries to come of that adventure.
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Kira said...

The Tollman's farm wasn't so hard-scrabble. It couldn't have been, for Flora and her husband to send two *daughters* to college along with the boys, one of whom went on to medical school. They weren't broke, and it was an issue that Clara married 'down.'

Or at least, Clara told me it was. That why her dad helped she and Archie with buying the farm out in Marsland - why else would Archie have left his Blue Valley? Free land and a wife.

Wendy said...

That's a good point. I made a mistake. It was Archie's mother's and I used the wrong name.