Sunday, July 06, 2008

Bubble Suits

Here's a little something to tantalize my sister. This is from 1960. I don't know if she'll remember it, but I do. We're posing at the farm in our "bubble suits", classic sunsuits of the era. I remember loving the bright multicolor dots and my red cowgirl hat. I always wanted to be Annie Oakley. I'm 5 and she's 3. Don't I look like I'm pretending to be Marilyn Monroe!

I do remember one real drawback to these one piece suits was when you had to visit the outhouse...not much fun when everything has to come off, even as a little kid. For those of you who've never experienced an outhouse in the heat of summer, consider yourself blessed. Even as a child, I was more affected by odors than every one else seemed to be. It was the one thing I hated about going to Grandma's.
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Shannon said...

Haha.. that is a great picture!

Chia said...

Oh my goodness! I don't remember that picture but I've thought of the bubble suits often. Seems like we got a new one or two every year.

Looks like I was being difficult again. And you... what a little flirt you must have been!

I'm so happy that you shared this!

Susan said...

Ha! I remember sunsuits too - and I was born in '62. They weren't the easiest thing to remove when you had to go to the bathroom - plus someone always had to tie them up again after. Mine usually had those tie-top thingies at the shoulders. Even tho we lived on a farm, you still couldn't run around showing your, um... teats. LOL

Cute pic, BTW!