Friday, September 01, 2006

Good Bye Summer

The heat wave in Texas has broken or is at the very least, taking its misery further south. Over the weekend it was 106 and by Monday, it only reached 90. If you don't live in such a place, this may not seem like that big a thing to you, but let me assure you there is a huge difference in those 16 degrees. Like being able to wear one bra all day instead of changing your sweat drenched underclothing three times before dinner. Like being able to totally dry off after your shower and getting dressed before you're all sweaty again. Like contemplating cooking an oven meal instead of another microwaved delight. Like being able to work at your keyboard all day without having to stop and dry off the keys. And this is all living and working in an air conditioned house and rarely venturing outside. Best of all, it means that night time temps will actually start to go below 80 again and we can open the house to the night breeze.

For four whole days in a row, I have not been glistening without the aid of bodyglow gels. My hair has not been a hank of lifeless fiber plastered to my neck. I have been able to get out of a chair without leaving a moist back imprint. I have only used two washcloths a day instead of 6 and there are actually a few clothes to wash this week. When it's so very hot, there's usually not a lot of laundry other than undies and washcloths to do.

We may not be done with the heat for the year. This has been a rough summer. My area usually has about 18 days of 100 plus days. This year, we are at 45 and in all likelihood there will be a few more. I know there are places where it's hotter, my sister lives in one of them. By the grace of all that's good, I never will. This cool week is just what I needed to step back from the brink of heat induced start raving madness. I can feel the heat induced sluggishness leaving my brain and body, inspiring me to do something creative today for first time in many months.

So I am happy on my day off today. I had my breakfast outside at the picnic table...only 85 at 10 this morning! I read my mail. I played with the cat. I heard the summer noises of buzzing coming from the morning glories, several different bird calls,a woodpecker at work, grasshoppers in the grass and the melodies of my favorite chimes. Say good bye summer.


Captain Church said...

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Frank Baron said...

You write very well. I'll be back. :)