Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Absolute Write Blog Chain 4

This post is a link within a truly interesting writing exercise called the Absolute Write Blogging Chain. You'll never know where the next link may take you.

When this chain first started, the topics were focused on making the world a better place. I was pretty far down the list, so I had a few days to ruminate on this idea. Then I took a couple of days away from my computer to deal with real life and now it's my turn. The topic has totally changed and I'm staring another true confessional moment in the face.

Atomic Bear, the writer link ahead of me in the chain, has been evaluating his stuff. Stuff? Yeah, all the flotsam and jetsam that we all seem to leave in our wake. Frequent moving is one good way to keep it at a minimum. Well, if you move yourself that is. Nothing like the prospect of lugging all that stuff to make you reconsider its worth.

I have an excuse for all my stuff. It's an inherited genetic defect from my mother's family and I just can't help it. I have managed to keep my stuff more contained than she ever has, but the trait is still there. The house I grew up in had lots in common with a corn maze. My stuff fills bookshelves to overflowing and plastic tubs but there are still wide open spaces, just not too many of them. My stuff has value. I'm sure yours does too.

Last year, my craft room had to become a working office in a very short period of time. My craft interests had changed so I decided to try and sell some of my stuff on eBay. I knew I had lots of rubber stamps and assorted craft items and I really wasn't into stamping anymore so I started there. My estimate at the beginning of the craft room project was that I had about 500 stamps. So I started counting and bagging lots. eBay was very,very good to me over the course of the last year. Of course, it didn't hurt that the stamp count went closer to 2000...yeah, you read that right. A year later, I am almost done selling my stamping supplies. I'm about ready to move into the polyclay and beads.

Now, I am contemplating moving again within a year, so it's time to really reevaluate the stuff. I've already taken boxes and boxes of books to the used bookstore. I've used my local FreeCycle connections to move along some really good stuff. My non-genetically afflicted daughter comes over once in a while to assess my stuff levels and assures me that there is still more stuff that can be parted with. I dunno... maybe I need a recovery group.

Maybe I really am helping to make the world a better place by providing a home for so much stuff. It would be heartbreaking to have to pass some of this stuff on the street each day. Homeless stuff tugs at my heartstrings. Do your part; adopt some stuff today.

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Simran said...
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Simran said...

Great post Wendy, even though it wasn't what you thought you'd be writing about. Sure wish I had know about those rubber stamps you were selling. My oldest daughter has just started getting into using them to make homemade cards.

Oh well, happy E'baying! I love Ebay too - too much that is. LOL

bk30 said...

Great post! homeless stuff sometimes pulls at my heartstrings too :).

Kristine said...

Wendy - I think there are enough "stuff" collectors now to form a support group!! Free your molecules, and your a$$ will follow.

Great post - I love watching the chain evolve!

Cath Smith said...

Fab post, Wendy. You've managed to bring the topic neatly back to the orignal post - nicely done.

As for the craft bits and pieces, I gave all mine away (well, almost all) when I moved to the US, but I've been here a year and, thanks to eBay, my collection is bigger than ever.

Guess I've got that "stuff collecting gene" too!

D.T. Kelly said...

We've used Freecycle in our area too.

I stopped checking when the local group became more about people posting "needs" instead of "haves", you know the kind: "Wanted: Minivan. Looking for a minivan in good condition, with A/C and power windows. NO rust! Oh, and green would be preferable."


Bhaswati said...

Lovely post, Wendy. Don't we all have stuff we just can't part with? Your craft hobbies sound great :)

Pass The Torch said...

Love the "genetic defect" part!! I inherited it as well. But I'm working hard not to succumb;)

Gillian said...

I rather thought rubber stamps spawned and your numbers suggest that maybe I'm right... I only have two. No, make that twenty.

Brian said...

Great post. I was wondering how you were going to follow my post. Glad that I did not become the "blog chain killer"

I really feel that all the stuff I have is somehow part of what holds me back from enjoying life more. When I have done major cleaning efforts I always feel good and relaxed.

I need to try ebay, but I am a little nervious about becoming a "bad habit"

Laurie said...

I feel your pain. :) No, wait... :(

Seriously, move to another country. It works wonders for lightening the load, especially if you have to pay for shipping it yourself.

Great post! :)

Mad Scientist Matt said...

It's always quite a dilemma what to do about stuff, isn't it? When I got married, we had both lived on our own and had quite a challenge getting enough stuff to fill two houses into one.

We're still working on it.

Matt D. said...

I don't know what I would do without freecycle. I would probably be buried in crap.

Chia said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear sister, Happy Birthday to you!