Friday, October 27, 2006

Spirit Photo

Here's something eerie in honor of Halloween. This is an aura photo that was taken in Atlanta, GA on 02/14/97. I have circled an area in the left of the photo that has something unusual in it. It's harder to see on the screen than in person, but maybe you'll see it. Just over his shoulder is what appears to be some very long fingers reaching through the aura cloud.

My husband and I were at a shop when this was taken. We entered a darkened closet with a solid back wall. Once I saw the photo, I examined the room immediately. There were no openings in the wall at all, no one could have gotten behind us and reached into the photo. We were alone in the very small space, and we are large people; no one could have slid in behind us inside the booth without us knowing.

I have always had a comfortable belief in the spirit world this photo did not alarm me at all, but I wonder who was trying to reach out. I have always wondered if it may be the spirit of my husband's mother, who passed when he was a young boy...that's the romantic in me on Valentine's Day.

I'd like to know if you see anything in the photo and what your feelings may be.

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Chia said...

From first glance I thought it looked mor elike a man's hand than a woman's hand. Maybe a father or grandfather?