Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Saying Goodbye To George

Yesterday was very sad day at my house. It was time to help our boy George go home. If you're not a cat lover you probably won't understand the anguish and pain that accompanies that decision or the huge hole it leaves in your heart.

George was in our lives for 13 years. He adopted my husband and refused to be left behind after several attempts. The day he joined out household, we already had 2 cats and I didn't really think we needed a third, but the tiny black furball with the big purr was too irresistible to turn away. He learned how to ride on my husband's shoulder for fun. My daughter and husband taught him how to patiently wait by your side when you were eating a yummy snack and then gently paw at your hand when you were almost finished. He had a natural talent for turning somersaults. Not just the normal cat behavior of tucking their heads down and flopping on their sides. True somersaults, head down and tail over in a tight ball. As he grew, it was harder for him but he never quit doing them.

This past spring, George developed IBS and started losing weight rapidly. We tried courses of pretensions and antibiotics, he'd seem to be a little better and then relapse. Eventually he was down from his normal weight of 11 pounds to about 5. Nothing was helping and it was time for us to help him.

To the end, George was his inquisitive,trusting self. Purring contentedly, alert and loving. There were lots of tears on which George's soul could float peacefully home.


Kappa no He said...

He was a happy and lucky cat to have such a wonderful family to love and care for him. I'm sure he is a little cat angel watching over you. I totally believe in that!

Chia said...

Ah, Wendy, I'm sorry this day had to come. It's never easy. :(