Friday, March 31, 2006

Talking Boards

I have been facinated with Ouija boards or talking boards since I was a kid. My first one came as a Christmas gift from my mother when I was in the 5th or 6th grade. My sisters and I played with it. As I got older, my mother and I used it in a more serious vein on an almost night basis for a couple of years. We never got anything that impacted the world but there must have been something that kept us returning to the board. She was taking some psychic development classes at the time and maybe she was learning and sharing our experiences in class. We experimented alot in those days with our ouija board and automatic writing.

Last night was the first time I'd really worked with a ouija board in twenty five years. My daugher and I decided to try it out. We have a more contemporary board, called the Psychic Circle board, which has some updated additions; whole words, colors, astrological symbols and other goodies. It's also got great art. We were not surprized to be successful. I think it was important for each of us to be entering this form of communication with each other. I know that had I tried it with anyone other than her, I would probabaly have been pretty convinced that they were moving the planchette. Her I trust. It was a pretty interesting reintroduction to talking boards.

There is a really great website devoted to talking boards, The Museum of Talking Boards. Take a look. You'll be intrigued too.
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