Friday, March 24, 2006

Heritage Pages

My great grandparents were Thomas & Margaret (Maggie)Ulch Anderson. Tom & Maggie were married in 1893 in Washington Cty, Kansas. He was 33 and she was 14. The eventually settled in Steele City, Nebraska. Tom was a farmer and Maggie became the local midwife. They had 12 children. The eldest three are in the photo. Clarence, Stella Florence and Willard,the baby. Their 7th child, Archie Amiel was my grandfather. Tom passed over in 1930 and Maggie joined him in 1955. They are buried in Steele City, Nebraska.

I've been entranced by their photos and have done some pages of them. It's fun to take the different styles and adapt them to the same photo.

Maggie was only 14 when they married. In that era, it wasn't that uncommon and certianly not as shocking as it sounds today. They were living in a fairly remote part of the Midwest, and I imagine that there were limitations on eligible partners.

Her father Simon Ulch, served in the Civil War, and moved his family west from the east coast.

My daughter, Kira, has written a family genealogy. I hope to someday combine her work with some of my scrap pages and republish her book for the family.

If this style of preservation catches your fancy there are some great resources for getting started with digital scrapping. Check out Scrap Artist and Digital Scrapbook Place for tutorials and freebie files to get you started.


Kira said...

These are lovely, Mom. I hadn't seen the very bottom one before.

Someplace in the middle said...

Very nice pages, Wendy.

Art_Addiction said...

These pages are absolutely beautiful!! Thank you for sharing them in this post! :)