Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Determined Progress

Like millions of others, I read my horoscope most days. It's on my home page at yahoo and it's usually fairly interesting although general. I've always had difficulty actually seeing myself in it. Then I discovered horoscopes from OM Place. Now, these are horoscopes to carry with you through out the day! Their daily readings are so much more than ..this is a good day to renew old friendships....

Today, my horoscope is entitled Determined Progress. Here's the first paragraph:
Feelings of responsibility and maturity today could make you want to reorganize
your home or personal life. You also may feel capable of taking on challenges
that had previously overwhelmed you, or you might simply be ready to make some
changes that will make your life easier later. By approaching your tasks with a
mind-set of confidence, you could get more accomplished today. You might take a
few moments to step back and see the big picture of what you want to accomplish
and then dive in with a no-nonsense attitude. If distractions threaten your
focus, you could take a few minutes to gather your thoughts and center yourself
before moving forward.

It's exactly on target. Just yesterday I was telling my daughter that I felt like I was on someone elses's bus tour and I didn't care much for the itinery. I'm getting off that bus.

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