Friday, August 02, 2013

Seeing is Believing

Everything about the imagery on a tarot card is significant, there are no randomly added elements. That said, not all of the images will be equally important in any given reading.

Let's take a close look at the Two of Wands. Remember, your first impression may not match mine...and that is ok. My motto is always go with your own intuition.

Here is a well dressed man standing on a parapet high above the ground. From this vantage point, he has an unobstructed view of the scene below, something that we can not see for ourselves.  In his right hand he holds what looks to be a globe...suggesting that he is very powerful. He is literally holding the world in his hand!
With his left hand he's holding, or at least touching, a staff..but look, there are green leaves sprouting from it. And there is a second staff as well. Whether you see these as staffs, wands, walking sticks or tent stakes the message is that they are not dead objects. How do we know that? The sprigs of new leaves are green and vital. They symbolise growth and potential.

There is more to see in this card. For me, there is a dominant image on a card and that will set the tone of my interpretation for card. You may be surprised as you really start focusing on a card at what pops for you; allow yourself plenty of time to see all that you can. See what you discover for yourself. Listen to your feelings as you examine this card. How is it making you feel? Happy? Determined? Weary? Contemplative?  There's an old saying "the devils in the details" and today I'm going to amend that and say "the secrets are in the details". Or maybe it should be "the answers are in the details".

Today, when I pulled the Two of Wand, my first impression is that it is time to make a decision. The period of weighing pros and cons is over. It's time to claim your personal power and confidently make a move. Leave me a comment with your first impressions; I'd love to know what you've seen in the Two of Wands.

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