Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fireworks in Hanover, Kansas

fireworks in hanover,ksFourth of July celebrations have started in the heartland. We went to a display in a tiny little town, Hanover, Kansas tonight and saw the show of a lifetime. It was indescribably amazing. There was so much firepower, you could feel it through the ground. It was a full half hour of nonstop booming and sizzling, bright lights and smoke covering every inch from the ground up.
We had a great spot to watch from, on a slight hill close enough you could hear the whooshing of the shells and the rush of flames sounding like a waterfall. Everything was synched to music beautifully.

I think the entire population of 3 counties came to Hanover. It was a fun evening of cook out food, miserably bad bluegrass ( and I like bluegrass!), a fireworks hanover kansasvery good rock band and and incredible pyro event.

About the bluegrass, they tried. They really did. But I doubt they'd ever even heard Rocky Top since they managed to turn it into a somewhat wistful, "wishing I was there" song instead of the lively tune it is. Same with some Irish jigs they tried. I wanted to send them all tickets to a real blue grass festival in North Carolina or northern Georgia. Unfortunately, it's not the first time we've gone to an event since living here, looking forward to some good bluegrass and been painfully disappointed. I think people here enjoy what they hear; I'm glad I've heard better.

fireworks hanover kansas

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Chia said...

We haven't seen fireworks since we moved to AZ. This year we are going to a friend's house on the 4th. She lives across the road from a mega church that sets off a huge display.

Anonymous said...

i went to that and it was amazing but i was wondering if u knew what the song i almost want to say it had a techno feel to it...what it was called ive been trying to find it?

Wendy said...

There were several songs that weren't really familiar to me either. Sorry.