Saturday, July 29, 2006

Summer Fun at Scrap Artist

Well this weekend marks the first anniversary of the ScrapArtist web site. The creative team came up with some really fun challenges and games all bases on a pool party theme. It's apparently a huge hit, because they are experiencing all sorts of server issues.

They have my sympathies. In a former life I worked for a national retailer and we launched a new site design on Thanksgiving weekend. It was so hugely successful that no one had any time with their familes, we were all crazy trying to keep the site up and running! So, hang in there Scrap Artist gals, you've got a loyal and enormous following.

One of the challenges is called Belly Flop...remember this is a pool party... and the idea is to take a less than wonderful photo and make a fun scrapbook page with it anyway. My layout is here. It's intentionally rather child like, no shadows on the layers, etc and yeah, I know the photo is out of focus..that's what makes it a Belly Flop! I just love this photo, focus or not.

Another event in the pool party weekend is the After Splash BBQ. This one is for creating cool recipe cards to eventually go into a group collection. Mine is easy and too good for words.

So since I can't get them uploaded at ScrapArtist right now, I decided to share them here. Enjoy!

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