Friday, July 14, 2006

Altered Playing Card for Arthur

Here it is a week later and I still have Sir Arthur on my mind with those fairies! This card was done in response to an altered playing card challange at Scrap Artist. My original idea was to recreate an "Authors" game card, like the card game I played so often as a child, but I couldn't find a good image to use. So I went with a regular playing card and tinkered with the fairies again.

His book about the Cottingley Fairies is entitled The Coming of Fairies and is readable online if you're looking for some summer amusement.


Sue said...

I found your blog through TeddyG's Cobwebs of the Mind AW Blogroll and have enjoyed reading through some of your recent posts. It was interesting to read through how you were named and your scrapbooking project, as well as your other entries.


Chia said...

This is pretty cool. I really like what you've been able to do with your digital art. I'm such a paper junkie that I can't just go digital. I do use a lot of digital images in combination with my paper art though.

Chia said...

Have you see the Fairy Doors of Ann Arbor?
Lots of photos here:
click on Location.