Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Thoughts

Happy Thanksgiving, Family and Friends. We all seem to take stock at Thanksgiving and I've read gratitude lists with everything on them from a warm place to sleep, food to eat, an Xbox and even TiVo. And they're all good. I think its ok to be grateful for the luxury of material things you enjoy.
For me, it's not important what you may be thankful for or about, it is that you actually are in living in the moment long enough to be in a state of thankfulness.

Tonight as I reflect, I am thankful that I live in a country where blithering idiots can speak their mind and I can ignore them.

I am thankful for my bills because they remind me on trying days that I have my dream job that allows me to pay those bills.

I am thankful for the sounds of The Viking's C-Pap and the snoring. One day I may not hear them.

I'm thankful for the challenges life has presented me and that I wasn't behind the barn door when resourcefulness was being handed out.

I'm thankful for the luxury of introspection.

I'm thankful for the amazing strength of friendships discovered in unexpected places.

And, ok... I'm also grateful for TiVo, chocolate, chai latte for my Keurig, men who wink and the Internet. I'm just as shallow as everyone else.

In my email today I got a one liner that says it beautifully:
Thanksgiving is good; Thanks living is better.

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Chia said...

Nice post Wendy. It's always good to refocus on what is important in our lives. It is far to easy to get caught up in the day to day and loose track of them.

Now with tongue in cheek seasoned with truth I'll say this, I am thankful for my physical trainers for making me hurt so much today so that maybe by next Thanksgiving I won't be hurting at all. (I really worked those squats yesterday! LOL)And on a more superficial note I am thankful for mu counter-top roaster that cooks my turkey in about 1/3 less time, allowing me to sleep in just a bit longer.