Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Magical Memories

My middle sister has a knack for remembering and then finding the toys of our childhood. It's fun when she sends the reminders to me, I instantly remember them but would never have thought of them on my own. We use to have this Santa bank. My gruff Grandpa D sent it one Christmas. I'm sure the reason he sent it was that it was a bank and just a toy.

I remember being totally in love with it, especially the foil wrapped packages. Isn't that goofy? He rang the bell and drove my mother crazy. Looking at it now, he looks a little scary, doesn't he? Like he had one too many magic mushrooms in the 60's?

This one's up on E-bay right now, it's a nostalgic temptation. She's been sending me other blasts from the past this week, and that could be a dangerous thing.

I found a video of this toy. So for now, let's zip back to being 7 years old and believing in magical Santa toys. Just for a moment. Remember Joy.


Shannon said...

Wow, with the glowing eyes, that's a SUPER creepy santa.

Chia said...

Bummer, a second bidder has discovered this and ran the price up to twice what it was. There is still a lot of time left on it so keep your finger's crossed that I'll be able to purchase it. I've been looking so long for one of these that it would be very sad to have it slip away. Why is it the things you really want never get posted with a Buy It Now option?

Julia said...

Just dropping in to say thanks for the comment a week or so ago on my blog, and I'd love to chat by email if you'd ever like to talk about Tarot and ACIM.

Have a great day!

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