Sunday, June 28, 2009

Topsy Turvy Tomatoes

The Topsy Turvy Tomato planter is all the rage this summer. It's on TV about a hundred times a night, especially if you're watching lots of wee am hours TV like the Viking does sometimes. He really wanted to try this out, but I was the wet blanket who didn't want to buy 2 and spend the $20. One, ok.

I found them by the onesies on Amazon, so for Father's Day I indulged the TV spurred craving to grow his own tomatoes. To be fair, I don't like tomatoes so I really didn't have a hard time throwing cold water on the idea. Selfish, huh?

He got it put up and planted immediately. It's surprizingly well made and I do think he'll get more than one season out of it. The planter even included the swivel hook to hank it from. Gotta admit, the plant is quite healthy and already has 3 nice tomatoes on it. Plus, it's nice to see it growing on the patio without sacrificing any floor space.

We already have precious little patio space, thanks to last years Father's Day gift... what was intended to be a modest size grill for our 2 person family with only a tiny size patio ended up being a behemoth that the Viking is truly in love with. What the heck; it was Father's Day.
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