Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jack and Cat Curio Makes Me Crazy

Every work day at lunch, I visit my favorite blogs while I eat. I catch up with my family. Then I go and drive myself totally crazy and visit Jack and Cat Curio. Today, I was delighted to see Mr. Jack has added me to his blog roll. So now I must confess how I really feel about this....

See Mr. Jack, you drive me crazy... here I am stranded in the middle of artistic nowhere farmland, with no craft stores within hundreds of miles, no access to that group vibe that happens on "art day" with a group of friends and inspires you all to greater creativity, and worst of all..... my sister is your neighbor (so to speak) and actually gets to go to your classes!

You tweak my artistic nerves and make me restless. You stir up such a sense of longing to make something for the sheer joy of the process, that I can barely stand it. Just the thought of warm pots of beeswax ( or whatever it is you'd melt it in) almost makes me want to weep. And I keep coming back for more.

Thank you for letting me not forget that art is the matter how your journey twists and turns, art exists as a state of mind. Art is.


Chia said...

Wow Wendy, that's so nice that Mike added you to his roll. He is so nice and so very creative! If it makes you feel any better I haven't been in any of his classes yet.... and I stress "Yet"! Some day we will have to get you here for a visit and a couple hours in one of his classes.

Jack and Cat Curio said...

You two! Can't wait to have a crafting circle meet with you both!
I have made mention to Chia in the past! But one day we will all sit down for a good afternoon of art making, food, and laughs. Just let me know when your in town-I'll do the rest! Thanks for your very kind words and inspiration. It encourages me and pushes me further, It gives me drive- Thanks!
-Michael Jack