Sunday, March 22, 2009

Project 52 Week 11 Photo Tag

So my "evil" sister photo tagged me. I think most people don't care for seeing themselves in photos and I'm no exception. I don't know what deviltry happens inside the camera, but the person I always see in the photo sure doesn't resemble the person I see in the mirror!

But, I am a pretty good sport, so I'll play. Photo tag is all about on the spot photos. So although it's taken me three days to get it posted, here I am as I was "tagged". At work on a Friday afternoon.

Now, who do I tag....hmmm..... maybe my neice who's been missing from her blog for far too long. You know who you are! So whenever you read this, drop what you're doing and take a photo of yourself. Come out from behind that sewing machine and smile for the camera.


Shannon said...

You are right, I've been terribly lax about the blogging. Consider the situation remedied. :)

Chia said...

This pic turned out well. These take your own photos usually end up with such a bad fishbowl look to them. Thanks for pulling Shannon out. I've enjoyed her pic too!