Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Computer Help

When most people talk about getting computer help, they mean calling in a geek. A smarty pants kid next door, their relucant spouse, and in worst case scenarios, tech support from their computer vendors. Heaven save us from that. Over the course of the summer, my new computer and moving from XP to Vista with software and hardware issues to spare, meant literally days on the tech support "help" lines, at least 6 total reinstalls, with some problems still existing. If I pretend not to notice, they'll eventually fix themselves, right?

In my case, tech support better come equipped with a big bag of catnip.
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Chia said...

Aren't computer kitties wonderful? Last night I stood my keyboard on end and hit it with a blast of canned air. I was shocked at all the little fur balls that came out of it!

Frank Baron said...

If I had a cat, he'd know as much about computers as I do.

Maybe more.

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