Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Halloween

I loved Halloween as a child. We lived in a typical sixties new suburban development with hundreds of school age kids. My sisters and I would join forces with friends to form small bands of gypsies, pirates and clowns and we'd hit as any homes as it took to fill our huge Halloween treat bags. They were as big as the shopping bags department stores use now. And fill them we did, sometimes until the bottoms dropped out!

We'd come dragging home, bodies tired but totally jazzed on all the candy we'd eaten en was still safe then to eat unknown candy in the dark! Once home, we'd spill the candy out infront us like it was gold. Then back into the bag to be fiercely guarded by the head of my bed until morning. I think my mother raided our bags in the night and certianly once we were in school the next day! My favorites were Sugar Babies and candy cigarettes.

Last year was the first year that no witches, spooky ghosts or fairies came to my door. I missed them. There was nothing to do but console my self with a bag of Junior Mints. Tell me about your Halloween memories. Hope you enjoy this little treat I made for you.


Chia said...

Haha, I never thought about her raiding our stash but I'll bet you are right. I wonder how many fights we had about a missing candy that were over something she had taken and we ended up blaming each other.

I remember that once we dumped out bag and sorted it we got down to the serious business of trading with each other.

You had a party once, when we lived in Lincoln. Didn't you?

Kira said...

That's a great card!

I remember the Halloween in NH, where I had to cover my costume (what the heck was it, anyway?) with my coat and I was so pissed at you for not letting my stupid self freeze. I think it was snowing.

And I remember the elephant on ice skates. And one year there was a unicorn costume, wasn't there? I think I saw the hat/horn recently.