Friday, March 28, 2008


In my quest to focus on what's positive in life these days, I'm noticing that's not at all difficult to find something good about each day. Overall, I am an optimistic person and try not to hold on to negativity. In my life, there is a family member who is totally opposite. I think she actually enjoys misery and if there isn't any will go out of her way to create it. She wants company in her experience, acting like a big vortex trying to pull everyone in.

I try to limit my exposure to people like that. When sometimes it's just not possible, the best I can do is try to stay true to myself and not get sucked in. I try to remember that there is someone I care about underneath the facade. I try to remember that I am a generous, kind person who does not need to identify with the negativity in order to try an understand it. I try to stay in touch with my sense of who I am, and know that in this too, is a lesson for my own growth. I try to remember that I do believe in love. And love does not judge.

Sometimes, I just remember that nothing lasts forever. And that can be something good.


Kira said...

Here's to hoping that Lori will get off her ass soon and help with some decisions!

To be trite, this too shall pass.

Chia said...

I kept trying to think of a response to this post. I found I couldn't do it without saying something negative, myself. It's like a black hole in the fabric of humanity. All you can do is carefully step around it and continue on your own path.

May be trite but it is true... it will pass.