Friday, March 09, 2007

In the Moment

I've been making an effort to really keep myself focused on living in the moment for the last couple of months. I am overall an optimistic soul but for the last several months I've found myself worrying alot and having some real issues with anxiety. I know better than to allow my mind to spin these huge worry webs. I am no novice to the ideas becomming so popular with the Secret. I know where I have my focus, I have my result. I teach these metaphysical life laws and I help other people create their best possible life. So why am I so wrapped up in these sticky worry theads?

Becasue I am an ordinary soul living a human life with lots of challenges. Just like everyone else. Knowing the universal laws and principles is one thing; living them daily is quite another. The most difficult aspect of having some awareness of the magnificence that is possible, to me, is staying focused on the awareness. It's my biggest challenge to truly let go and allow the bounty to flow over and through me. It remains that way even though I have first hand experience and KNOW that the laws work. I forget. I lose focus. I'm human.

So, I am making a concentrated effort to live in the moment. Just for today, as I teach my students. To be aware of how the the worn keys on my keyboard feel smooth and cool on my finger tips. To be aware that I am sitting slouched over and my back will protest in a moment. To be aware that I hear the wind blowing outside and that in this moment of writing, I am completely at ease with myself and my place in the world. Oops.. a distracting thought just popped mind is in hyperanxiety mode right now, dams being built against its currents... I can let it go. Noticed and released. Back to the moment. I'll let you know how the rest of the day goes.

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Frank Baron said...

Getting into the moment is a nifty little exercise. Staying it seems to me that's work and difficult, if not impossible to do 24/7.

So, how are you feeling these days?