Friday, May 30, 2014

Ask And It Is Given

I believe in a responsive universe. Ask and you will receive. It's that simple. The universe responds to true need. It's the cornerstone concept of all universal laws; Ask and it is given.

What's not so simple is accepting that you may get exactly what you asked.

And that there is absolutely a reaction to every action, the laws of physics aren't really all that different from the laws of metaphysics.

I've seen this in action throughout my life. The converse is also true, for me anyway. Anytime I state an absolute "I will not"  sure enough, I'm going to have to have that experience. So I try to stay flexible with my thoughts. Sometimes I'm more successful than others. A lot depends on how diligent I've been in maintaining my meditation practice.

For the last few years I've spent a great deal of time longing for more time in my day. My work life and home life were filled with stress and all I wanted was unstructured time. It was the deepest desire of my soul and in my thoughts constantly.  Sure enough, the universe responded and six months ago, my job disappeared and I had nothing but time on my hands.

I should have been a bit more specific about how I wanted more time to manifest itself.

Honestly, I wasn't too surprised. Management changes at my old employer were in progress and I'd been expecting to be cut for the prior six months, which really added to the anxiety I was already feeling about life. The day before it happened, a coworker had called to vent about her position being cut. I knew mine my next.

The timing was bad. I'd just scheduled my weight loss surgery and now my last day was going to be a mere 5 days before the surgery and about 2 weeks before Christmas. Nice time to not have a paycheck and health benefits.  Not.

So here I am six months later.I got my heart's desire and time is exactly what I needed. Time to heal from many years at a job that was not in alignment with my own ethics and beliefs. Time to heal my physical body. Time to recharge my creative energies. Time to examine what matters.  Time to realize if not now, when?

It is a responsive universe. All will be well.